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Maths equation

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Learn how to solve linear equations that contain a single variable. For example, solve 2(x+3)=(4x-1)/2+7. By an equation we mean a mathematical sentence that states that two algebraic expressions are equal. For example, a (b + c) =ab + ac, ab = ba, and x = (x-1)(x+1) are all equations that we have been using. What is a Formula? A formula is a special type of equation that shows the relationship between different variables. A variable is a symbol like x or V that stands in for a number we don't know yet.

A conditional equation is true for only particular values of the variables. An equation is written as two expressions, connected by a equals sign ("="). The expressions on the two sides of the equals sign are called the "left-hand side" and "right-hand side" of the equation. Introduction - Properties - Algebra - Geometry. Consider the equation: This can be represented as: math> H(s) = ∫0∞ e-st h(t) dt math> The mathematical symbols . KS3 Maths Equations learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers.

Learn how to form, solve, and rearrange equations using the tools and conventions of algebra with BBC Bitesize GCSE Maths. Math; GK&Fun; Logic; Arrow; Symbol; Format. \frac{-b\pm\sqrt{b^ac}}{2a}. Show External URL Equation Type. Paragraph Equation, Inline Equation. Mathematical equations, from the formulas of special and general relativity, to the Pythagorean theorem, are both powerful and pleasing in their.


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